Change Management


Years ago, change was something occurring very occasionally. Today, change is constant.

The most successful businesses are constantly reviewing their operations and optimising them for maximum efficiency and continuous innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

Understanding the importance of change is one thing, actually making it happen is another. Change does not come naturally to most people or businesses.

Dexter has a great tool kit and deep experience in helping organisations change, whilst keeping their DNA and identity intact.

Dexter has helped clients alter their work environment to be more agile, using UC technology and agile work layouts.

We have helped organisations change culture and attitude towards change, becoming better change agents themselves. Whether you need to improve your company practices, culture or even your customer base or focus, we can help you achieve the change you need for further success.



Starting up a company and staying alive in an economic climate where the majority of companies fail, is a massive achievement on its own. In order to stay in the game, you need to and will want to expand your business.

Scale-ups can be scary and unknown territory for many business owners; How do I grow, how do I finance, how do I keep my identity whilst I hand over more responsibility to a larger work force?

How do I change whilst I scale up in order to cater for growth, but not lose focus?

Dexter can be your trusted partner to work out strategy and make further growth happen, by your side, together with you.


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Client Reviews

"It’s been a pleasure each and every time I have worked with Fre and team. Smart, switched on, pragmatic and solution-orientated, Dexter combines laser-sharp attention to detail with strategic focus."

"Wayne supported me and the team with some of our most important procurement projects and never failed to deliver. He took the time to understand our plans, structured and led projects, added an essential perspective and successfully delivered projects on time with budget savings. Thoroughly recommended."

"Fre and her team are exceptional procurement professionals. They deliver competitive, commercial and pragmatic supplier solutions and have the breadth of experience to provide insight into competitive outcomes that isn’t available from an in-house team."