Commercial Intelligence

Intelligent Sales

Dexter has a breadth of experience in intelligent sales. We help our clients in diverse ways to improve utilisation of their brand and converting this into profitable sales.

We support networks with their growth, enhance collaboration for their clients as well as bringing our own client base together to help companies with clever sales and licencing strategies to utilise and make the best of their brand.

We support our clients in utilising their sales channels better, inclusive of an enhanced presence and effectiveness in online sales.



The world is evolving and a well thought through online presence is becoming ever more important.

A holistic approach addressing website, mobile and other channels and the right supporting technology are crucial to keep up with fast developments.

We have extensive experience helping businesses navigate their digital journey to optimise:

  • Search and SEO

  • Platform

  • SI’s

  • PIM and DSMX

  • Improving website content

We work with businesses to develop their online community, build followers and increase conversion.

We understand this requires speed as well as the right approach and solutions.

Lack of online presence or the right online presence is common and not hard to solve if you know how to, we have the experience to push you to the next level in a way that is right for you.

We also combine this with our deep procurement expertise, training clients in how to deal with intelligent procurement but also pushing out cluster buying activities and connecting groups of buyers with interested sellers.


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Client Reviews

"It’s been a pleasure each and every time I have worked with Fre and team. Smart, switched on, pragmatic and solution-orientated, Dexter combines laser-sharp attention to detail with strategic focus."

"Wayne supported me and the team with some of our most important procurement projects and never failed to deliver. He took the time to understand our plans, structured and led projects, added an essential perspective and successfully delivered projects on time with budget savings. Thoroughly recommended."

"Fre and her team are exceptional procurement professionals. They deliver competitive, commercial and pragmatic supplier solutions and have the breadth of experience to provide insight into competitive outcomes that isn’t available from an in-house team."