Procurement Consultancy

Procurement is one of the most effective profit enhancers at a company, but too often underestimated. It’s your tool for reducing cost, improving quality, reducing risk and creating serious profit boosts. Companies often see Procurement as process pushers and blockers. That’s not us. Here at Dexter, we live and breathe agile Procurement. We apply Procurement knowledge in a business-minded and collaborative way, creating value for your company above and beyond professional standards.

We can support both direct and indirect Procurement and have in-depth experience in areas such as raw materials, production equipment, digital marketing, software and hardware, logistics, maintenance, facilities, general services and much more.

We also have a rich suite of intellectual property in Procurement which is made available to each of our clients. For Procurement, you can call us in for just that one complex project, or ask us to review your existing team. If no team at all, we can either put one in place for you or offer hybrid outsourcing solutions for quick results and impact.


Cost Control

Starting up a company and staying alive in an economic climate where the majority of companies fail, is a massive achievement on its own. In order to stay in the game, you need to and will want to expand your business.

Sensible cost control is an art form. It is easy to reduce cost but doing so in a way that does not damage the company longer term is difficult. With our rich experience helping companies to reduce cost, we can help you not only to reduce your cost, but also help you spend your budget as effectively as possible. Every one of our experts understands business and finance. We will challenge your organisation in a constructive manner and deliver quick results that are optimised for performance and value, in collaboration with your teams.


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Client Reviews

"It’s been a pleasure each and every time I have worked with Fre and team. Smart, switched on, pragmatic and solution-orientated, Dexter combines laser-sharp attention to detail with strategic focus."

"Wayne supported me and the team with some of our most important procurement projects and never failed to deliver. He took the time to understand our plans, structured and led projects, added an essential perspective and successfully delivered projects on time with budget savings. Thoroughly recommended."

"Fre and her team are exceptional procurement professionals. They deliver competitive, commercial and pragmatic supplier solutions and have the breadth of experience to provide insight into competitive outcomes that isn’t available from an in-house team."