Supply Chain


An inefficient Supply Chain can have widespread negative effects on customer proposition, profitability and brand perception. Change management in Supply Chain is a fine skill; Supply Chain operations are often set in their ways and changing these is something rarely successfully triggered and executed from within.

Dexter has deep experience in restructuring warehouses and making them more efficient; and whilst at it, taking the teams on a journey through that change with a feeling of inclusion and creating a positive attitude towards the change.



Together with IT, Supply Chain is one of the areas where in the next decade most changes and innovation will be required and expected. With the growth of online retail, the demand for (more) automation in warehouses is growing rapidly. The pressure Supply Chain puts on natural resources requires innovation from a Corporate Sustainability perspective as well. Dexter has extensive experience in helping retailers and other warehouse and Supply Chain driven organisations in innovating packaging, automating warehouses and optimising delivery routes.

If you want to innovate to stay on top of or ahead of the curve, we can help you do so in a fast, sustainable and responsible way.


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Client Reviews

"It’s been a pleasure each and every time I have worked with Fre and team. Smart, switched on, pragmatic and solution-orientated, Dexter combines laser-sharp attention to detail with strategic focus."

"Wayne supported me and the team with some of our most important procurement projects and never failed to deliver. He took the time to understand our plans, structured and led projects, added an essential perspective and successfully delivered projects on time with budget savings. Thoroughly recommended."

"Fre and her team are exceptional procurement professionals. They deliver competitive, commercial and pragmatic supplier solutions and have the breadth of experience to provide insight into competitive outcomes that isn’t available from an in-house team."